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Friday, April 15, 2011

Blender 2.5 is finally out!!!

Now we are talking business.

Came out yesterday and the thing is it's a very powerful tool for a free program.
If you haven't seen what it is capable of,you should watch Sintel.I have been using Blender for a year,and i can say it's a big step forward over Blender 2.4.
One thing i really have to mention is the User Interface.It's absolutely phenomenal compared to the old versions.It's more intuitive,easier to understand and more enjoyable to work with.

Combining Blender with Gimp,you get a very good package for 3D modelling and Texturing.
You can also export models to UDK(Unreal Development kit).It's just something i created using Blender,Gimp for Texturing and all rendered in UDK.

I rate Blender 2.57   9 out of 10.

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