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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Youtube might get into Cloud Based Game Market.

Now that Onlive is out we're seeing that more companies are joining into the Cloud market.
Since Technology is moving towards mobile devices,maybe it's a good solution since  there's no need for horsepower and hence battery lives longer.But hardware manufactures still release new CPUs for smartphones.Dual Core processors for a small device,that's too much.Battery won't last long enough to play a hardware intense game.As they add more and more cores to the processor they will become more energy hungry.Nvidia is planning to release a quad core Tegra proccessor.The idea to have a portable computer right in your pocket is a really good idea.But i don't imagine Crysis running on an Iphone and that's where Cloud Gaming comes in hand.

Gaikai's launched this February with Dead Space 2,Mass Effect 2,Spore and Sims 3.Founded by David Perry(Earthworm Jim 1 & 2).Gaikai doesn't need any plugins at all,just Flash and Javascript.For Onlive you need to download a plugin.

Gamestop mainly  video game  and entertainment software retailer bought Spawn Labs and Impulse.More companies are trying to get a piece of the marketshare.

I think it makes sense for Youtube to get into Cloud Based Game Market.How many Gamers visit Youtube to see a new game trailer.They opened a movie store,even if it's not available worldwide.Youtube's parent company Google has a lot of resources behind its back.With so many people visiting Youtube,they could become a dominant player in the market and Google's agreement with Sony about Playstation Suite makes it possible for some exclusives.

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