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Monday, April 18, 2011

CAPCOM enters intro Triple A RPG combat.

It looks like Capcom wants to compete in the RPG realm.
Capcom's gonna face a very tough competition againt Bethesda,Bioware,CD Project.
Even if it comes out early 2012 Capcom has to convince that it's a good action rpg game.

It's using Capcom's proprietary MT Framework game engine,the same engine that powered Resident Evil 5,Lost Planet 2 .
The game  begins with a dragon attacking villages and then captures main hero's heart and tells him if he wants to get it back he has to to follow his dogma and to find him.
It has vast open spaces where can wander.
There are also cities and one of the main cities  has over 200 NPC's that are fully-voiced with their own time -cycle.
It's a radical departure for Capcom and I'd like to see them succeed.
“We are making the greatest action game ever. We’re really excited about it.” -Capcom

Since RE5 came out on PC,so did Lost Planet 2 with DirectX 11 support.There's a chance for a PC release.

Source: Dragon’s Dogma takes Capcom into triple-A RPG combat

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