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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dice to Focus on the PC with Battlefield 3

Speaking on Nvidia's Geforce site,Battlefield 3 Executive Producer has stated that consoles are holding PC gaming back and it's time to focus on the PC.

Do you feel the consoles are holding PC?
It's true. There's no looking back. Historically, we've always been more or less, you could say… we've been forced to build our own engines. There's no engine you could buy today that could build a Battlefield game to the quality that we're building Battlefield games. It's actually quite a complicated process to build a Battlefield game cause you are more or less picking the hardest thing to build, big open landscapes with quite high detail when you zoom in on it, it's an infantry ground focused game, but there are also air vehicles and they all need to work together and then you have all the physics involved with all the trajectories and bullets in the air and that has to be synced over a network and then all the players need to see what you're seeing. There's a lot of stuff going on in the background as well. We are extremely focused on making it look great.

It took too long for the developers to tell that.
Source: Battlefield 3 Interview

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