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Saturday, April 16, 2011

When will we see some real DirectX 11 stuff?

This year Epic released a video demonstrating what is Unreal Engine 3 capable of.Showing what's gonna bring DirectX 11 to the table.The problem is that they were running using 3  Nvidia GTX 580 cards.If we take the price of the cheapest which is 489$.It's gonna cost 1467$,only the video cards and we're not counting the CPU,RAM and Motherboard.Well, i forgot to mention about the  power supply,i think at least you'll need 1.5kW power supply and it will cost you  1000$ and the other thing is i don't know if they were running on a workstation,if that's so then the only thing i can say is "Oh crap".
                                                                                    What's all the fuzz about DirectX 11?
In my opinion DirectX is all about tessellation.Real time displacement mapping,more detail for gamers.

Unfortunately there are not that many games that use DirectX 11 or i should say too few actually.Just head and you'll see.Just to notice any difference you'll need a microscope.If you look back at 2005 when Splinter Cell Chaos theory came out,it was one of the first games that supported DirectX 9.0c or Shader Model 3 and let's look at Crysis 2.
They're both based on DirectX 9.0c.

Battlefield 3 is one of the first games that's gonna be DirectX 11 focused and it won't run on Windows XP,that's what DICE is saying.
Now imagine few years later after Battlefield 3 is released.Games are gonna look better,that's a  fact but will they get better?


  1. We won't see any real boost on DX11 before we get the next batch of consoles, who can actuly use DX11... It dosent matter you got a high end rig, since most games are multiplatform and they will bear the mark of consoles..

    There's chance to see some indie games with DirectX 11 support.